Three Types of Spousal Support in Pennsylvania

By Anna Ciardi Cordell & Cordell Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer There are three types of spousal support in Pennsylvania that are distinguishable from one another dependent upon the different stages of the Pennsylvania divorce process. 1. Pennsylvania Spousal Support The first type, spousal support, is applicable from the date of separation until either party files a divorce complaint. The support figure is determined by a formula. It is determined by taking the net income of the higher-earning spouse, minus the net income of the lower-earning spouse, and then the lower-earning spouse would be awarded 40% of the sum difference. For example, Read more

Alimony in Pennsylvania: Will I Have To Pay?

By Anna Ciardi Cordell & Cordell Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer Alimony in Pennsylvania refers to payments that one spouse periodically makes to the other after a divorce. It is important to note that under Pennsylvania divorce law, alimony is a distinct concept from spousal support and from alimony pendente lite. These two latter terms refer to payments made to the lower earning spouse prior to and during the litigation of the divorce, respectively.